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October 3, 2023
Clothes of Jin Dynasty
Clothes of Jin Dynasty
Modern Dance Clothes
Modern Dance Clothes
Traditional Thailand Clothes
Traditional Thailand Clothes

Scarve, Hat & Glove
Scarve, Hat & Glove
Clothes of Shang Dynasty
Clothes of Shang Dynasty
Chinese Kites
Chinese Kites
Lion Dance Clothes
Lion Dance Clothes

Fan Dance Clothes
Fan Dance Clothes
Traditional Japanese Clothes
Traditional Japanese Clothes
Batik Craft
Batik Craft
Mascot Cartoon Wearing
Mascot Cartoon Wearing

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Categories of Featured Chinese Artworks

1. Lion Dance Costumes & Dragon Dance Costumes
2. Inflatable Costumes
3. Traditional Chinese Dance Costumes, Hanfu, Ancient Chinese Clothing, Traditional Wedding Dress, Minority Dresses, Beijing Opera Costumes
4. Chinese Palace Lantern
5. Thailand Costume
6. Chinese TeaPot
7. Ancient Asian Costumes, Japanese Kimono Costumes, Korean Hanbok Costumes, Thailand National Costumes, Asian Traditional Clothing
8. Painting and Calligraphy
9. Chinese Pi Ying Xi Tools
10. The Four Treasures of Study
11. Folding Screens
12. Lion Dance Costumes & Dragon Dance Costumes
13. Microscopic Carving (Weidiao)
14. Chinese Style Jewelry and Accessories
15. Chinese Kite
16. Chinese Snuff Bottle
17. Cheongsam Dress
18. Silk Figurine Doll
19. Tang San Cai, Ceramic & Porcelain Craft
20. Chinese Traditional Shoes
21. Jade Carving
22. Chinese Style Collection
23. Oriental Woodwork & Sculpture
24. Cloisonne
25. Chinese Traditional Silk Fabric
26. Natural Pearl
27. Chinese Traditional Men Suit
28. Traditional Chinese Furniture
29. Chinese Papercut
30. Beijing Opera Mask
31. Chinese Traditional Metal Craft
32. Chinese Brocade
33. Chinese Batik Picture
34. Mongolian Dance Costume
35. Tibet Art
36. Terra Cotta Warrior
37. Chinese Marionette Puppet
38. Chinese Colorful Egg
39. Kung Fu & Tai Chi Uniforms
40. Wheat Stalk Craft
41. Chinese Chess, Mahjong and I-go
42. Chinese Enamel
43. Chinese Traditional Umbrella
44. Chinese New Year Supplies
45. Dunhuang Handicraft and Painting
46. Rug
47. Chinese Colored Glazed (Gu Fa Liu Li)
48. Chinese Carbon Craft
49. Chinese Shi Wan Figurine & Clay Statue
50. Greek Costume
51. Chinese Language Books
52. Brass Craft
53. Traditional Chinese Dance Fan & Ribbons
54. Indian Clothes & Accessories
55. Chinese Tea
56. Creative for Life
57. Chinese Music Instruments
58. Orient Wedding Dress
59. China's National Food and Tea, Chinese Traditional Local Folk Food
60. Feng Shui Item
61. Kimono
62. Chinese Film and Stage Performance and Photo Studio Props
63. Microscopic Carving (Weidiao)

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